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New Williamsburg Loft on the Market is the Talk of the Town

Would you shell out a cool $6.5 million to live in Williamsburg, one of the most popular neighborhoods to land a residence these days? A new Williamsburg loft has hit the market and has got everyone talking. Located in The

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Development Plans Interfere with Small Businesses

A $3 billion dollar redevelopment plan is forcing a couple of small businesses in the Willets Point area to shut their doors for good. Nearby Citi Field, an industrial patch is being cleared to welcome a hotel, retail mall and restaurants.

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Would you use MCBx to observe the energy effectiveness of your building?

If you work in a LEED certified building, you might notice the difference in interior lighting and certain plumbing fixtures, but what does this really mean for the long term energy efficiency of your building? MBCx has been monitoring this

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Skyrocketing Prices Seen Around The World

New Yorkers are sometimes a little dismayed at the cost of living in the city, which regularly shows up on a lot of ‘Worlds Most Expensive Cities’ lists, but today we want to remind you that it could always be

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