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2 Bedroom Home in California on the Marker for $1.1 Million

A $960 square-foot home in California including only two bedrooms and one bathroom is now on the market for $1.1 million. Although this home could barely provide enough living space for a small family, the 70 year old bungalow style

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Would You Consider Living in a Micro-Apartment?

We have all felt like we don’t have enough space for our belongings at some point or another, but can you imagine living comfortably in less than 450 square feet? That’s what an increasing number of single city dwellers across

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Luxury Modular Residential Building Finds a Home

Shipping containers and modular shipping container sized pieces (such as these homemade versions) are no longer the stuff of home projects or the concept ideas for developing nations and victims of natural disaster. Developers at Brown Hill Development claim to have saved

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