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Why would a Fortune 500 company move to Detroit?

We’re not sure where you’ve been hiding if you haven’t already heard about Detroit’s landmark bankruptcy this year, but what you may not have guessed is how much industry and even opportunity can be found in a city known for

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Biotech Companies Moving To NYC

Drug companies and biotech researchers are starting to make their move to New York. Expiring patents on major drugs are closing in, which means drug companies need to find an area dense with hospitals and universities to rebuild their own

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How Much Would You Shell Out to Shack Up in The Hamptons?

Yesterday, we mentioned the skyrocketing prices of homes in the Hamptons, one of America’s summer playgrounds for the ultra-wealthy. Starter homes are between $1M and $5M, but if you’re looking for a piece of its famous Hamptons beaches, you could

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Would You Invest in Dallas?

We have previously mentioned the rise of other American cities and how their markets are becoming increasingly like that of New York. Bloomberg reports Dallas has performed best of the major 20 housing markets since 2006. Employment is on the

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